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Liverpool Boot Housing Estate : Lib - Dem Fiasco (4).

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

After 4 years of broken promises, wrangling and resignations, the Lib-Dem run City Council were finally forced to hold a public inquiry into the Boot Estate debacle. Current Lib-Dem leader Councillor Richard Kemp was forced to resign over his mishandling of the original community- led redevelopment proposals.

Key Findings of the Boot Scrutiny Panel were:-

* In December 2000 the Norris Green Village Company was established (2 voting Directors - Richard Kemp (City Council) and Harry O’Donall ( Managing Director of Bishop Lock )

*There was no community involvement in the company ( and none was asked for at the time ).

* initially there was an understanding that the City Council would gift the land at nil cost .....

*Issue of value of land being up to £35 million - ...............

*...Charlie Parker advised the panel that he believed that the land value issues were not fully understood at the inception of the project and therefore no appropriate valuations were undertaken.

* The Panel noted that the Executive Member at the time Councillor Richard Kemp had taken responsibility for the problems encountered in the delivery of the scheme and had resigned his position.

Labour’s recommendations were voted down by a combination of Lib-Dem and Liberal Party Councillors votes.

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