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Liverpool Boot Housing Estate : Lib- Dem Fiasco (5).

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

Seven years after the Lib-Dems decided to demolish the Boot Estate, and 5 years after Councillor Richard Kemp was forced to resign over his mishandling of the redevelopment, not a single new home had been built and tenants felt trapped in their defective dwellings.

Work had still not started on the 90 social rented homes in Phase 1 which due to further delays were not due to be ready until December 2006, and the Lib-Dems were refusing to honour the ‘Pledge to Residents’ that ‘everyone who wanted to remain on the estate, would be able to do so’.

Residents condemned the proposals as totally inadequate as over 400 residents continued to live in atrocious housing conditions and many residents took their complaints to the Ombudsman.

Originally there were 1500 Council owed Boot Houses on the estate before the Lib-Dem decision to demolition in 1999, but due to broken promises and deteriorating housing conditions, many families were forced to accept alternative council homes and give up their promise of a new home.

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