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Liverpool Militant Myths - Redundancies As ‘Just A Tactic’

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Recently Derek Hatton, former Deputy Leader of Liverpool City Council, was continuing to defend the issuing of ‘Those Famous Redundancy Notices’ 35years ago as ‘just a tactic

Derek Hatton told the Liverpool Echo ‘ Every single one of those letters was sent out with a letter signed by me and (then Leader) John Hamilton saying none of these would be implemented and they weren’t ..(Echo 27.09.2018).

However, see our website which has unearthed copies of the Redundancy Notice and Hatton’s accompanying letter. What Hatton’s letter actually said was that ‘if the government recognises it’s responsibility, the notices will be withdrawn.’

The main justification of the Redundancy Notices sent to all Council workers was that they were ‘just a tactic’ implying they were not a threat to council workers jobs.

At least former Labour Councillor Tony Mulhearn in his 1988 book ‘Liverpool, A City That Dared To Fight’ was contrite enough to admit that many may not be re-employed and that the issuing of the Redundancy Notices were a ‘major tactical error’.

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