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Liverpool UNISON/NALGO’s ‘Me Too’ Strike - 33 Years Ago!

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

Most will be aware of the recent ‘Me Too’ protests challenging sexual harassment, particularly in the entertainment industry, but very few will recall the ‘sex pest’ strike in Liverpool Council, 33 years ago.

November 1st, marks 33 years since four women in the Dingle Housing Office walked out alleging sexual harassment by a male colleague. The women were immediately suspended from work and 300 NALGO members from the City’s 19 area housing offices went on strike in their support. The strike ended 10 days later when the Council agreed to a full enquiry.

Like the ‘Me Too’ movement today, the four women victims of sexual harassment were blamed initially for reporting the harassment, and were publicly accused of sexually harassing their male colleague!

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